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PostSubject: Amaren's App   Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:43 pm


Jobs:(and they're subjobs) NIN80 SAM80 RNG75 THF67

Your RNG/SMN lvl?: RNG75, soon 80^^

HNMs experience: Not much, did a bit a few years back on Fairy.

Sea/Sky access: Both

Dynamis Clear: Xarcabard Access - Not cleared

Abyssea teleport: Only a couple in Tahrongi

Notable gears: Usukane Head/Hands/Feet Haidate, usual DD gear.

Pic of your equip:(if possible) Dont have one, come /check me if a problem.

Merits: Katana 8/8, Archery 3/8, GK 2/8, Eva 4/4, Crit 4/4, Store TP 3/5( working on :/) Various SAM and RNG, NIN Subtle Blow lol

Einherjar Feathers: Rossweisse, Grimgerde, Waltraute

Past Einherjar Experience: Did first few when first introduced, many 2+ years ago.

Play time: 287 Days 5 hours

Do you know someone in the LS?: Not that i know of.

Past Linkshell and why u leave it: TDG for 48 hours, terrible leadership. Other LS has been my social for the past 5 years, lead Sky/Limbus/Salvage with them, very successful, called VanadielOracles on Fairy, but stopped running last year.

Do we have to know something else about you? if yes, say it here:

Im English, live for Football. Fancy doing more endgame as havent done much since an old EU Linkshell back on fairy called Excalibur folded 4 years or so ago. Sick of staring at the AH when i log on. Smile
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Amaren's App
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