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January 2019

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 Rockerson's app

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PostSubject: Rockerson's app   Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:04 pm

Name: Rockerson

Jobs:(and they're subjobs)
40sam 40nin 37war

40rdm 38whm 27blm(needs finishing...)

40nin 37war 37thf

40rdm 38whm 40nin 40 brd


in retirement atm... its not on my priority to level further than 75 but if you need it at 75 i can use it

im in the proccess of leveling this and after i finish my level 80's and subs this will be next

Your RNG/SMN lvl?:
RNG75 (soon to be 80)

HNMs experience:
i havesome expirence with HNM like KB, Aspi, Fafhogg, Cerb, Khim

Sea/Sky access:
yea both i have sky warp access, map of sea and the palace

Dynamis Clear:all exept exarca, and dreamland only need qufim clear then can do tavna

Abyssea teleport:
erm.. in kons i have most of the ones that take me across the map.
have like 2 in canyan.
havent been to la thien

Notable gears:
erm... il say what pieces i think are ok lol

goliard hands, legs
relic body,feet,legs
HQ staff thunder and ice
ice and lightning obi's

denali feet
relic legs feet
AF+1 legs
mirke body with acc and dual wield for when im hitting haste cap.
brutal earring and suppa
boxers mantle

relic body, hands
mirke body with acc and dual wield for when im hitting haste cap.

S.bow, O.xbow,
Denali Jacket,
Seiryu kote, crimson hands
relic hat

relic hat,legs,feet
denali body
crimson hands
denali feet

Pic of your equip:(if possible)
not atm i can do one a lil later tho Smile

3 ele magic
3 enfeeble magic

2 helix magic acc/att
2 stormsurge

5 dagger
3 eva
1 crit rate +

2 Haste Samba
5 Reverse Florish
1 fan dance
1 saber dance

2 in QD
1 snake eye

2 physical potency
1 diffusion

Einherjar Feathers:
got helmwieg's feather

Past Einherjar Experience:
when it first came out (when it was retardedly hard) i ran a group but due to it being so hard disbanded fast but i learnt alot about it from running the group.

Play time:
been playing for bout 4-5 years.
game playtime is: 327 days.

Do you know someone in the LS?:
was doing Trial of magians with mufee Very Happy and if bades's app was exepted was in shell with him Smile

Past Linkshell and why u leave it:
last shell i was in was relicwings but i took a long break so i left.

Do we have to know something else about you? if yes, say it here: nope... well i might have missed some gear or such out.. i can always show you if you need Smile
oh and i have a themis orb laying in my MH gathering dust if anyones interested in KS99 lol

if i missed anything lemme know Smile
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Rockerson's app
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