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PostSubject: Application   Application I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 10, 2010 1:29 am

Name: Spog

Jobs: 80-SAM BRD RDM RNG 77-NIN 75-BLM

Your RNG/SMN lvl?: RNG80

Dynamis Clear: All Access

Abyssea teleport: umm,,,,all but places in plateu

Notable gears: You kids and your new fangled ways of checking ppl...(cries alil)
Hachiryu legs, Hachiryu feet, Siege bow, RDM AF2 hat, byakkos..., J Torque, usu body, ace's helm(im stopping for lack of brain power)

Pic of your equip: im on ps2 360 ;; im not that special

Merits: 5STR 8GK 8Archery 8Enfeeb 4Singing 4Wind 2HP 2MP Crit hit4 emity+2(NIN) spell interrupt2 ~ (BLM) 3ice pot. 3thunder pot. Flare2 Freeze2 Burst2 Tornado2 (RDM) 3Convert 3ice acc 3windacc Phalanx2 Bio3 Para2 Slow2 (SAM) Overwhelm 5/5 BB 1/1 Shik 1/1 STP 5/5 Meditate 3/3 3rd eye 2/ to lazy to do rest...

Einherjar Feathers: none

Past Einherjar Experience: Odin keel x8

Do you know someone in the LS?: Maybeh dunno leest

Do we have to know something else about you? if yes, say it here: in a shell ive been in for about a yr+ and not really loking to leave they do events at 9pm est so shouldnt interfere i will be able to do about everthing (-limbus) with you + HNM time/work permitting
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