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 Mufee App

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PostSubject: Mufee App   Mufee App I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 10, 2010 3:19 pm

Name: Mufee

Jobs:(and they're subjobs)

80 BLM

80 WHM

80 DNC
/ NIN40,SAM40,WAR30

I know, Gimped subs I'm working on it ^^

Your RNG/SMN lvl?:

RNG 11
SNM 64

Dynamis Clear: All

Abyssea teleport:

I'm guessing you mean conflux?

T. Canyon: All

K. Highlands: #2 & #7 I think... Can't remember ><

La. Plataue: #2 I haven't been bk to this zone sense

Maps: T. Canyon, K. Highlands, Not that you really need.

Notable gears:

BLM AF: Full Set
+1: Head, Body
BLM Relic: Full Set
+1: Legs
WHM AF: Full Set
+1: Hands. Head
WHM Relic: Full Set
+1: Legs
DNC AF: Full Set
+1: Hands
DNC Relic: Full Set
+1: Legs, Body

HQ Staffs 2 + AUG

Noble's Tunic, Royal. Cloak, Nashira 4/5, Rostrum. Pumps, Aurore set, Zenith 3/5, Teal set, Enherjar Gears, Parazonium, Tatsumaki, Cure Clogs, Capricornian rope, Kila, Genie Weskit Tamas Ring,Laquac. Earring, Ugga. Necklace, Swift Belt, Ele. Torqur, Moldavite Earring.

Nashira missing legs, Zenith missing feet I have body but need (abj)
Therion Ichor: Iota Ring, Gleeman's Cape, Morgana's Choker & Omega Ring
Enherjar: Hadean Abjuration: Hands... No Cuffs
Tatsumaki: "Mag.Atk.Bns." +4 "Cure" potency +5%
Parazonium: Occ. atk. 2-3 times
Kila: DMG 38 AGI+6 Evasion +16
Abyssea: Thew Bomblet

Pic of your equip:(if possible)


Other Merits: INT x2, MP x6, Dagger x5, Club x1, Crit x4
Eva x4, Feebl x4, Ele max, Interup x2

WHM: Group1: 10/10 Cure Cast Max, Regen x3, Bar x2
Group2: 5/10 Pro x2, Shell x2, Devotion x1

BLM: Group1: 10/10 Ice Max, Lightning Max
Group2: 4/10 Freeze, Tornado, Burst, Flood x1

DNC: Group1: 10/10 Haste Samba Max, Step x2, Reverse x3
Group2: 10/10 Saber x2, Fan x2, NO x1, CP x5

Einherjar Feathers:

Teir's 1 & 2 Cleared no need to list all the names

Past Einherjar Experience: 1 shell never made it to odin.. the other shell I quit due to low attendants

Do you know someone in the LS?:


Do we have to know something else about you? if yes, say it here: Laughing

I'm wanting to do Abyssea with you and your times are fine it's early morning for me np, I have np with changeing to any of my jobs umm I guess that's it ^^
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Mufee App
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