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PostSubject: Botch's app   Botch's app I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 21, 2010 10:22 pm

Apply Format

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Subject: Apply Format Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:05 am


If you meets all our rules, then you can apply with the following format:

Name: Botch

Jobs:(and they're subjobs) 75's NIN, PLd, COR, PUP, and WAR. 40+ SAM and BLM

Your RNG/SMN lvl?: No

HNMs experience: None

Sea/Sky access: Yes

Dynamis Clear: All but Xarcabard and Dreamland areas.

Abyssea teleport: Never done it but have the expansion

Notable gears: Askar head, body and hands, Aurum Sabatons, WAR relic except belt and pants, PLD relic except back, body and legs. COR relic except belt or back, PUP relic except back, Rajas ring, Ethereal earring, Loq. earring, Brutal earring, Suppanomimi, Boxers mantle, Swift belt, Perdu voulge, Byakko's haidates

Pic of your equip:(if possible) n/a

Merits: PUP cat 2 fully merited, and random stuff for each job, GA 8/8, crit hit 4/4

Einherjar Feathers: Only done it once and didn't clear

Past Einherjar Experience: Very little

Play time: A lot haha

Do you know someone in the LS?: I don't think so

Past Linkshell and why u leave it: DragonGuard, I quit cuz I'm in the military and went over seas and couldn't make any of the event times. Bac state sid now lookin to get back into end game.

Do we have to know something else about you? if yes, say it here: Like I said I'm in the military, there will be times where I just can't make the runs. I most likely won't make any week day runs but will do my best. Each weekend I shouldnt' have a problem attending.

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Botch's app
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